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Cranfield Software provides integrated management and IT consultancy, with an unusual breadth and depth of both business and technical knowledge, and an ability to make things happen.

The typical approach involves identifying the core management, operational and technical issues in a project and developing appropriate business process and software solutions with the customer, delivering on budget and on time.

Key Areas of Expertise:

  • Understands Business Needs.

    We understand bits and bytes as well as ebitda, protocols as well as processes, so can talk in the language of the board as well as the IT department

  • It's not about the software, it's about solving your company's problems.
  • Provides Appropriate Independent Solutions.

    Cranfield Software does not resell packaged "solutions" to increase our margin, but can adapt your existing software or provide plug-ins or APIs to improve performance. We can recommend and implement fixes that are appropriate for the scale and complexity of your business, your timescales and budgets, ranging from process or workflow changes through to multi-component web projects.

  • Controls Projects and help avoid delays.

    Successful project management requires motivation, momentum and morale. Our understanding goes well beyond creating a Gannt chart, to focus on the deliverables.

  • Ensures Customer Focus.

    We involve users and maintain a focus on adding value for the business.

  • Reduce Risk.

    Having an awareness of the business and technical risks enables us to help you mitigate them.

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