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Cranfield Software Profile

We have been providing independent advice and creating quality software solutions since forming Cranfield Software in 1990. Major clients include a number of large international investment banks, including Bankers Trust, Chase Manhattan, and Deutsche Bank. In addition to specialising in the banking sector, we have also developed cost effective solutions for companies such as Mardev Ltd (part of Reed Elsevier plc), Metropolis and Cyance, to new start-ups.

For large or smaller businesses we:

For larger companies we can operate at a department level on those projects that will not even make the corporate IT "to do" list, whilst establishing a good working relationship with all the relevant players. Historically we have also managed to maintain continuity for clients whilst internal IT staff have moved on.

Amongst the tools we might deploy are:

  • Scripting Languages.

    A simple bash, batch or Windows script file run on a schedule may be all it takes to automate an operation.

  • MS Excel, Access or Word.

    Such powerful tools are often over-used but under-utilised. We can help get more value from them, from simple templates through consolidation routines to complex queries on remote data.

  • Javascipt, jQuery, AJAX.

    To use the power of your web browser to help you get more from your intranet and internet applications.

  • PHP and MySQL.

    To build your own web database applications or create a new web front-end to existing data.

  • Web Services and APIs .

    To integrate with and between cloud applications.

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