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Extending Zoho CRM

A customisable application, an API with a SDK called from a scripting language. Lots of scope to do extra stuff.

Customisation and Data Architecture

Bolting functionality onto hubspot.

Many to one issues

Real world data can be difficult to model without adding complexity that would be out of place in a simple cloud system.  This article describes one method to shoehorn a many-to-one relationship into a simple database, and what happens when it goes wrong. 

CRM Customisation

The dangers of customising a CRM.


Pointers to getting the Zoho CRM API to work.

Taking a different approach to Systems Architecture

In this paper I look at a major issue for those responsible for data and IT in small and medium size enterprises: how do you stitch together all those bits of systems and their data?

Why Hubspot CRM? - a consultant's perspective

Because it's not Salesforce

Data alright?

Pertinence first.

That's another fine (data) mess you got me into

Too many managers, too few supervisors.

Latest Analysis Secrets.

Courtesy of Rudyard Kipling.

The importance of the old school tie in the internet age.

Missing disintermediation.

Data Issues going around in Circles.

How not to do interfaces.